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Build your brand and sell more with Friendly Clips. 

Unlike stock footage companies, Friendly Clips creates video specific to you. Friendly Clips showcase your personal brand and business – something that is not done effectively with stock footage and photos.


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Professional quality video.

We use top of line gear to attain the highest quality product. 


Strategic online placement.

Let us find the perfect place for your clips online with organic or paid placement on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.


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Friendly Clip Examples

- Audience Address
- The Explainer (non fiction)
- The Showcase (stop-motion, walkthrough, boomerang)
- Class Act (fiction, ad-like)
- The Montage (add on)


2 Video Clips


5 Video Clips
Brand Photography (Bonus)



9 Video Clips
Brand Photography (Bonus)
Unedited Video Files (Bonus)


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